Nana Suzanna’s Unique Crock Pot Meatballs

1 Bottle “Nana Suzanna’s Original Gourmet Sauce”
1 or 2 packages of Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Pork meatballs (I do not recommend Italian Style Meatballs)
if you have time on your hands, a pound or two small (1.5” in diameter) homemade meatballs

Put meatballs in a Crock Pot/slow cooker

If frozen, cook on high setting for a couple of hours or until thawed completely

If raw, brown in a skillet until browned on all sides

Once meatballs are thawed/cooked through, add the “Nana Suzanna’s Original Gourmet Sauce”

Cook on low until ready to serve, stirring a couple of time throughout the cooking process.

Serve with your other favorite finger foods. Great for any gathering of friends and family – big crowds or small.


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